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Niland, California

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Filming at Salvation Mountain

Salvation Mountain has always been open and free to the general public and it is Leonard’s wish to maintain this policy. Everyone is welcome to take pictures and videos for personal use while you are on the site.

Please respect the message of Leonard’s work which is love, compassion and respect for all. Leonard and Salvation Mountain, Inc. would like to request the following:

  • Do not use your images to promote drugs, sexual activity or negativity
  • No nudity permitted at Salvation Mountain

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Nonprofit, Students And Documentaries

If you are planning a shoot for anything other than personal use, we ask that you complete and submit our Film Application prior to your arrival at the site. Please email any questions to

At the very least, we wish to know who you are and when you are coming in order for your work at the mountain to be as successful as possible, while causing the minimum impact on the site and other visitors.

We do not wish to set any rates for this type of non-commercial filming, but would appreciate a donation of cash or materials. Copies of your work would be happily welcomed.

Commercial Productions

At Leonard’s request, the Board must review and approve all applications before photography begins. Commercial production companies who arrive at the mountain without prior approval and all applicable permits risk being turned away.

Please refer to the Commercial Filming Guidelines for requirements and suggested location donations in the next paragraph. Your cooperation in this matter is greatly appreciated. Every dollar of your location donation will go toward the ongoing maintenance of the site. 

The Film Coordinator for Salvation Mountain Inc. will work with Filmmakers to create the best experience for all parties involved in the production, including the filmmakers and the public at the site.

Please read the following guidelines, and complete and submit the Film Application as far in advance of your start date as possible.

Commercial Filming Guidelines

The following guidelines shall apply to all commercial requests for filming at the site, including film and/or digital recordings for features, television, still shoots, reality shows, music videos, commercials, and documentaries.

In accordance with Leonard’s wishes, there shall be no nudity, violence, drug use or explicit sexual activity depicted in content filmed at the site.


All Filmmakers must submit a filming application for Productions at The Site. The application must be provided to the Film Coordinator of Salvation Mountain Inc. by online submission or email to .

Permit and Insurance

It is the responsibility of all Filmmakers to obtain film permits from the Imperial County Film Commission office and the Niland Fire District. All Filmmakers shall provide proof of minimum $1,000,000 liability insurance.

Suggested Donations

Suggested donations take into consideration a number of factors, including the size, duration and complexity of the production, the number of vehicles, personnel and equipment to be used at the site.

One of the most significant factors is the production’s interference with the public’s access to the Site. The Salvation Mountain Inc. location manager has the authority to limit the scope of the shoot, to be included in artistic discussions with the filmmakers and to enter into sub-contracts at the site with the filmmakers on behalf of Salvation Mountain Inc. should the production go beyond the scope of the initial application.

Suggested donations are as follows:


A Salvation Mountain Inc. location manager shall be on site for the duration of the shoot, including set up and strike, to monitor activity and compliance with all applicable permits and guidelines.

Copies of Production

Part of the mission of Salvation Mountain Inc. is to document and preserve the work of Leonard Knight. Salvation Mountain Inc. requests copies of photographs and videos, where feasible, to use in print and digital communications. All copies will be properly credited.

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The Mountain

A History & Timeline of Salvation Mountain

"One of California's most unique and enduring landmarks"

KPCC 98.3FM, 2014

A 3-storey tall, 100-foot across monument to the love of God in the edge of Slab City. Read about the history and creation of this storied California landmark.

The Artist

Leonard Knight, a visionary artist

“He created something with no parallel of influence.”

Aaron Huey / National Geographic, 2014

Created by a dedicated man so enamored with spreading the idea that “God is Love”. Read about the visionary artist who dedicated 28 years of his life to build a mountain in the middle of the desert.

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